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Transmiter MINI [eng]

'Transmiter MINI' project

It is almost a year since Transmiter Project has started. Over 200 people from countries all over the world are using it right now. During all that time I was collecting your observations and thoughts.

I noticed the greatest interest in miniaturizaion, i.e. reducing size of transmiter significantly to make it easier to use by kids (of course for adults size of the transmiter matters as well).

The next topic is increasing its versality - making it possible to use with not-Android smartphones (i.e. iPhones).

Therefore, my work on 'Transmiter MINI' project has officially started.

Goals of the project are as follows:

1. Size - similar to Libre sensor.
2. Software:
    * keep Transmiter compatibile with xDrip (just like the current vesrion of the Transmiter)
    * new, unified applications for mobile devices (phones, tablets) with Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad) - including NFC support in both types of applications
3. Timeline - I'm going to send the first batch of Transmiters to the users by the end of September 2017.
4. Financial requirements:

In order to succeed with this project and to make sure that it's progressing correctly, we need at least 100 people willing to buy Transmiters MINI. Why?

This project is quite different than the original Transmiter. It requires a lot more work, more time spent on it and more funds. Electronics is not just a composition of ready-to-use modules - it is brand new circuit that requires dedicated elements. The same with the case for Transmiter - it will no longer be printed in a domestic environment, but it needs to be manufactured industrially in professional injection moulding machines.

Regarding the software - especially mobile applications, it needs more commitment, more time and some specific tools. For example the conversion - to include only the things that are working in the current xDrip version, it requires tens of thousands lines of code just for adaptation and embeding it into new applications.

That's why the first batch have to include a minimum amount of 100 and a maximum of 150 Transmiters MINI (the upper limit is to make sure I manage to do it on time). So I need at least 100 people that want to buy it. Not only people that will say that they are interested. They need to really mean it and prove it by a contribution (money transfer).

Deadline for declarations and payments (350 PLN) is August 16th.

If there will be less than 100 orders (i.e. completed payments) until August 16th - then on August 17th all money will be returned to the bank accounts that it came from. In this case - it is still possible that I will work on this project anyway, but it will cause a big delay and Transmiters MINI will be available for buying much later.

Next batches (in case the project succeeded) will contain 50 Transmiters MINI every month. For them the price increases - it will be 450 PLN.

Order through Paypal:
Zamówienie przez PayPal:

If you would like to buy a Transmiter MINI and you don't have Paypal, please send me an e-mail to and I will reply with my bank account details.

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